The Romanian government approved the new state aid scheme for film and television productions:

> 35% CASH REBATE of the Romanian spent and an additional 10% for explicitly promoting Romania

> 50% rebate on the withholding tax for all foreign cast and crew part of the local budget

The scheme is open to feature films, medium and short fiction films, TV series, direct-to-video, internet and any other support films, documentaries and animated films.


> 35-45% cash rebate

> Minimum Romanian spend € 100k

> Project cap € 10M

> Annual cap € 50M awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

Qualified Spend / Bonus:

> 35% cash rebate on Romanian spend

> Additional 10% bonus if the project explicitly promotes Romania (country, region, city, landmarks)

> Local production company is required


> Feature films, Animation, Documentary, mini-series, TV series on any media or support

> Talk shows, soap operas, commercials do not qualify

> All projects have to meet the requirements of a Cultural Test which is in line with other European cultural tests



Commercials, TV sitcoms, reality shows, daily soaps, audiovisual works with electoral, political or religious propaganda; sporting events, games or competitions; talk shows; demonstrative programs for different hobbies or projects; lifestyle programs, free programs (without scenario) are excluded, violent and porn films are excluded.